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Video Interviewing and Pre-Hire Screening Software

Our next generation platform will enable you to view and screen candidates faster, improve the candidate experience and reduce your overall recruitment costs.



About us

Like all the best ideas, Shine was borne of frustration and real world experience.

We were convinced there had to be a better way than receiving endless CVs via email, and a more efficient process than telephoning or sitting through numerous first round interviews for an hour at a time.

Shine evolved as a way to just do things better.

During development, we spoke to a lot of Hiring Managers and Recruitment Agencies, many of whom are now using Shine themselves, so it really is a collaboration of ideas to solve a common problem across many different sectors.

Our Product Development team puts the user experience at the heart of everything and we’re confident that’ll be the first thing you notice when you start using it…

We’re changing the face of recruitment and we’d love for you to see why.

Why Shine?

Well, first of all, we are a friendly bunch and we put people and relationships ahead of technology and numbers. Feel free to call us for a chat or have a look through our values and company pages.

Secondly, as a team we couldn’t begin to count the combined years of experience in recruitment and cloud technologies. The Shine experience is about you and your candidates, and the award winning technology is just a part of that.

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