Track Schedule

8.45 – 9.30 Refreshments & Welcome
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
9.30 – 10.15

Decision-Support Tools  
Michelle Minnikin, Insights BPS

Social Media/Recruitment Marketing 
Andrew McFetrich, Sage Plc
Making Sense of Recruiting Chaos Stephen O’Donnell, Chair, The NORAs (National Online Recruitment Awards)
10.15 – 11.00 The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Social Media, Data Recording and Mobile Phone Policy
Amanda Chadwick, Croner Ltd
The Future World of Work
David van der Velde, Consult and Design
Candidate Sourcing Hacks
Bill Boorman, TruFounder
11.00 – 11.20 Morning break & refreshments
11.20 – 12.05 Showing Vulnerability as Leaders to Build Strong and Lasting Relationships with your People
Claire Robinson, PROPS
Mental Health, Absence Management and Workplace Wellbeing
Amanda Chadwick, Croner Ltd
Stacking the Deck in Your Favour
(Predictive Recruitment)
Laura Weaving, Duo Global Consulting
12.05 – 12.55 Lunch
1.00 – 1.45 Bridging the Skills Gap
Ashleigh Wright
Westray Recruitment
What Metallica can Teach Us About the Candidate Experience
(Nothing else Matters)
Louise Reed, Greenbean RPO 
Recruiting for Values
David Copple, Shine Video
1.45 – 2.30 Chatbots & other Candidate Engagement Technologies
Eldon Jobe, HRS Recruitment Software
Millennials – Wot Millennials? Get ready for GenZ to hit the Workplace
Tru Founder Bill Boorman
Video Technology in Recruitment          Stephen O’Donnell, VideoMyJob and David Copple, Shine Interview
2.30 – 2.50 Afternoon Break & refreshments
2.50 – 3.35 Hire Fans – Not Candidates. Competitive Recruitment Advantage Through a Strong Employer Brand
Andrew McFetrich, Sage Plc
How to Retain Top Talent.
Just Don’t be a Dick!
Michelle Minnikin, Insights BPS Ltd
3.35 – 3.45 Closing remarks
4.15 – onwards Networking & Drinks  6.15 – 6.45:
Bill Boorman stand-up comedy